Looking At The Life Of Annie Duke In Poker

When it comes to the people who play poker, you can be sure that this people also have some other life skills which they are very good at. This is because apart from poker being just a good game played all over the world, it also requires a combination of skills and thinking in order to ensure that you will end up being the winner. At the moment, there are quite a good number of people who you can be able to mention who are popular as a result both their skills is the game. Given that you were told to mention a few of the people you know who are actually experts or professionals in the game, you would have to use certain criteria in order to find who these people are.

One way in which you would be able to tell the professional poker players from any other poker would be based on the number of games that they have actually come out as visitors. When mentioning such professional poker players, a name like Annie Duke solid not is very far from the rest. The reason why you should be able to well associate her with professional poker is because she is known all across the world for her skills in the game. You would also be quite right if you were to mention the fact that it might run in the family given that her brother Howard is also a professional poker player.

Her sister Katy however does not share in the same interest as her siblings as she is more into other fields such as poetry and writing given that she is both an author and a poet. Given her skills in playing poker, you would have to look at some of the contributing factors which have led to there being so good in the game. In looking at her life all the way since she was in University, you would not miss the fact that she was a double major in both English and also in Psychology. With the mention of the fact that she majored in psychology, a good number of people have pointed out that this might be one of the reason as to why she is so good at the game.

The reason why people have pointed out this fact is because with her background and knowledge in psychology, she can be able to look and read into what the other player might want to do in the game and thereby play the game in order to ensure that she will be at a vantage point. Annie Duke however has other reasons which you can link her success to part from simply enjoying poker and the fact that she has majored in psychology.

Another reason as to why you can be able to see just why she is so good at the game can be thought about by the fact that while she was living in Montana, that’s is the period when she began playing poker. That is way back in the early 1990s and you can therefore factor in the experience that she has been able to gain from back then. Another factor worth considering is that her brother helped coach and finance her since then not forgetting that he is also a master in the game


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